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Pioneer of Prosperity for HAITI

Applicants from across the Caribbean presented a diverse range of innovative and dynamic businesses.  SOLUTIONS not only presented these strengths, but also demonstrated the unique traits of a Pioneer of Prosperity, possessing the vision and spirit of a role model for business owners and entrepreneurs across the region    Read more

Insurance Management System

Solutions has developed a unique software solution tailored to the needs of the insurance industry. Our insurance management system is loaded with features covering:

  • Insurance quote requests
  • Risk assessments
  • Billing and collections
  • Defined currency settings
  • Reference data and pricing models
  • Client and contract management tools
  • Agent management tools
  • Defined user roles and access

As with all of our software solutions, our insurance management solution has been designed to solve problems and streamline operations. From generating quotes and assessing risks to managing clients, contracts, and agents, nothing has been overlooked.

The software is highly secure with support for different user roles and authorization levels. Due to the sensitive nature of personal insurance information, it is vital that access is restricted only to those who are authorized (and have a legitimate need) to access it. By defining different roles, you can restrict access based on the user's role. For example, customer service representatives, insurance agents, and insurance underwriters all have different roles and need to access different information. The software allows you to set up access by role or by individual. In addition, administrators can quickly deactivate a user, change a user's permissions, create user groups, define user access, and more as needed.

No matter how you set up each user, all authorized users must sign into the software using a unique username and password. The software automatically logs users out after a predetermined period of inactivity.

Useful, secure, and easy to use, our insurance management software is a complete solution designed specifically for the insurance industry. Learn more about our solution by contacting us today.