Awards & Certification

Pioneer of Prosperity for HAITI

Applicants from across the Caribbean presented a diverse range of innovative and dynamic businesses.  SOLUTIONS not only presented these strengths, but also demonstrated the unique traits of a Pioneer of Prosperity, possessing the vision and spirit of a role model for business owners and entrepreneurs across the region    Read more

Local Tax Management – CIVITAX

CIVITAX is a comprehensive local tax management system designed specifically for the tax management needs of town halls

Loaded with features, the software includes modules for:

  • CIVITAX Administration & Security
  • Census management
  • Building management
  • Rental values
  • Property management
  • Taxpayer relationship management
  • Taxpayer assessments, statements, and notifications
  • Bill and payment management
  • Budget management
  • Reports and statistics

CIVITAX is highly secure and can be configured to support multiple administrative roles. Use CIVITAX to gain a deeper understanding of the assets within your municipality and collect taxes owed.

This tax management solution has already generated impressive results for agencies that have implemented it.