Awards & Certification

Pioneer of Prosperity for HAITI

Applicants from across the Caribbean presented a diverse range of innovative and dynamic businesses.  SOLUTIONS not only presented these strengths, but also demonstrated the unique traits of a Pioneer of Prosperity, possessing the vision and spirit of a role model for business owners and entrepreneurs across the region    Read more

Software Solutions

Solutions has developed a line of solutions that are perfectly suited for the needs of many small and medium-sized organizations in Haiti and around the globe. In addition, we offer comprehensive enterprise solutions for managing human resources, contracts, and more.

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Monitoring and Evaluation System

Solutions is committed to helping win the fight against HIV and AIDS. We have developed an HIV and AIDs monitoring and evaluation system used throughout Haiti to measure the impact of HIV/AIDS initiatives and help organizations make better decisions.Read more

School Management

Solutions is extremely proud of its school management solutions. Our school management software is ideal for public and private schools and academic institutions of all sizes. With its intuitive interface, entering academic records and assessments is a simple matter Read more

Insurance Management System

Solutions has developed a unique software solution tailored to the needs of the insurance industry. Our insurance management system is loaded with features covering:Read more

Local Tax Management – CIVITAX

CIVITAX is a comprehensive local tax management system designed specifically for the tax management needs of town halls.
Loaded with features, the software includes modules for:    Read more

Human Resources Management

Manage the entire employee life cycle with human resources management software solutions. With centralized human resources management tools and privacy controls built in, everything needed is readily available to those with authorized access to itRead more