About Services

Solutions specializes in helping businesses and organizations of all sizes solve problems with technology. Our services are ideal for small businesses, NGOs, international organizations, and public agencies alike

Solutions has partnered with Microsoft and other industry leaders, giving us access to the latest IT innovations. Our consultants hold numerous certifications and extensive experience helping organizations of all sizes make the best technology decisions possible.

Mobile Applications

The mobile Web has profoundly changed how people communicate and do business. Smartphones and tablet computers along with high speed access allow users to consume digital content, acquire new information, socialize, interact with organizations and agencies,  purchase products and services, and much more virtually anytime, anywhere.

Does your organization have a strong mobile presence? SOLUTIONS S.A. can help with custom mobile application development services.

Whether you need a robust mobile app for fair trade and traceability initiatives, for accessing secure financial information,  or for facilitating online sales, our team of mobile app developers has the technical skills, expertise, and creativity to take your concepts and convert them into an impressive, easy-to-use mobile app.

Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development
Our team uses the latest technologies to develop mobile applications that complement your existing brand, products, and services. Custom mobile applications can deliver numerous benefits including:

  • Increased visibility
  • Location-based tracking of products
  • Brand awareness
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Easy access to your online tools
  • Increased engagement

The field of mobile application development is rapidly evolving with new technologies, tools, and innovations. From NFC-RFID tag packaging, BIP (Broadband IP in the Pocket), mobile wallets, and electronic tickets and coupons to educational content, interactive marketing, GPS-enabled features, and beyond, if you can imagine it, we can develop it.

We offer complete mobile app development solutions for most mobile platforms including:

  • Windows Phone
  • Android

SOLUTIONS takes a "big picture" view of your organization to gain a deep understanding of how you operate, who you serve, and what you offer. Once we understand your vision, we create value-added mobile applications that allow you to pursue your mission in the mobile realm.

Based in Haiti, SOLUTIONS S.A. has put its mobile application development expertise to work locally. As an example, we have developed innovative traceability applications that are transforming the Haitian coffee industry.  Another mobile application development initiative involves bringing rural Haiti out of digital isolation by improving access to mobile broadband.

If you're thinking about entering the mobile Web with a mobile application, we have the expertise to make it happen. Contact us today.