Awards & Certification

Pioneer of Prosperity for HAITI

Applicants from across the Caribbean presented a diverse range of innovative and dynamic businesses.  SOLUTIONS not only presented these strengths, but also demonstrated the unique traits of a Pioneer of Prosperity, possessing the vision and spirit of a role model for business owners and entrepreneurs across the region    Read more

Awards and Certification

Pioneers of Prosperity

In 2009, Solutions won the prestigious Pioneers of Prosperity Award for the Caribbean region for its vision, innovation, and spirit of a role model. The Pioneers of Prosperity Awards Program recognizes successful companies that prosper despite challenging business environments. What set Solutions apart? Its strengths, one of which involves developing products that are customized for the client's specific needs and also address the Haitian context. For example, remittance transfers are vital to the people of Haiti. However, finding out if a remittance had been made often meant hours of travel and lengthy lines at the bank. Solutions helped the local bank and the people at the same time by developing a text messaging alert service. In addition to recognizing Solutions' strengths, the Pioneers of Prosperity Award also recognizes its results and sustainable growth potential. With consistently strong gross margins, a positive cash flow, and pipeline projects, Solutions has demonstrated that it is indeed a pioneer of prosperity and a role model for other businesses and entrepreneurs in Haiti.