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Each member of our team is empowered and motivated to deliver results and nothing less than success stories where we make IT work for you. We know how challenging it can be to run your business efficiently and that's why we are constantly improving our listening and execution skills to make sure that your IT investments have an impact on your bottom line.

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Awards & Certification

Pioneer of Prosperity for HAITI

Applicants from across the Caribbean presented a diverse range of innovative and dynamic businesses.  SOLUTIONS not only presented these strengths, but also demonstrated the unique traits of a Pioneer of Prosperity, possessing the vision and spirit of a role model for business owners and entrepreneurs across the region    
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News & Events

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The right it Strategies, Technologies, Solutions

National Health M&E

Make efficient monitoring and Surveillance

Solutions is committed to helping win the fight against HIV and AIDS. We have developed an HIV and AIDs monitoring and evaluation system used throughout Haiti to measure the impact of HIV/AIDS initiatives and help organizations make better decisions.    Read more


Local Tax Management – CIVITAX

CIVITAX is a comprehensive local tax management system designed specifically for the tax management needs of town halls.
Loaded with features, the software includes modules for:    Read more

Croswdsourcing and Crisis Mapping

Manage data, Improve Communication

Less than two months after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and destroyed Haiti's Capital, SOLUTIONS is launching a disaster management platform under the NOULA label. This platform also includes the first Emergency Call Center accessible to the population through the 177 dial.    Read more

Insurance Management System

Insurance Management System

Solutions has developed a unique software solution tailored to the needs of the insurance industry. Our insurance management system is loaded with features covering
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